Our Club Goals:



2014/2016 Goals

Using the Zonta International Goals as our guide, our Club has developed local goals and actions to be carried out in support of such goals.  They are as follows:


GOAL 1: Increase credibility through awareness of Zonta’s mission, local activities and opportunities which advance the status of women either on a local or world-wide level.


ACTION: Optimize the use of technology to promote this goal through the use of webpage and other social media (Facebook, etc.)


GOAL 2: Increase visibility of Zonta mission within the local community and outreach to partners with similar visions.


ACTION: Members or Committee Chairs provide articles to Media Chair for possible inclusion in local papers, radio, TV or other social media.


ACTION: Develop marketing package which includes creation of display board to be used at Zonta-sponsored and community-sponsored events and activities.


ACTION: Identify and participate in community events that will serve to promote Zonta goals while collaborating with organizations that promote similar values and goals.


GOAL 3: Advance the status of women through service and advocacy.


ACTION: Identify and execute specific activities/fundraisers/service projects that promote the legal, political, economic, health or professional issues of women.


GOAL 4: Increase local membership to further support Zonta’s mission

ACTION: Host ZING and other Club activities to foster interest in membership.

(ex. The Hat Fashion Show we did at the Lucky #’s Luncheon)


ACTION: Look at current Club members professions and intentionally seek out and invite women in professions we are lacking to join us (ex. a media or marketing expert, an attorney, etc.) to make our Club more diverse.


GOAL 5: Advocate for prevention of violence against women & girls, drawing on its membership, networks and ZISVAW projects to increase the visibility of this issue locally and globally.


ACTION: Participate in Zonta International’s 16 Days of Activism (Nov. 25-Dec. 10)


ACTION: Partner with agencies who share our common goal.


ACTION: Implement service and advocacy projects which support CEDAW


GOAL 6: Promote leadership opportunities that encourage all members to explore their leadership potential.


ACTION: Increase members’ participation in Zonta local, regional and international conferences and other opportunities that align with Zonta’s mission.


ACTION: Distribute Committee Chair & Club Officer descriptions/job duties so members are clear on duties and responsibilities.


ACTION: Identify and support opportunities for leadership development for membership.


GOAL 7: Continue to provide financial support to Zonta International.


ACTION: Continue the Club’s contribution at a rate of 33% to Zonta International.


ACTION: Increase donations to Zonta International from individual members, friends of Zonta, corporations and other sources.


ACTION: Invite International Foundation Ambassador to speak at Club business meeting to promote better understanding of the Zonta International Service Projects and how funds are used.