The Zonta Foundation of Cheektowaga-Lancaster Service Awards

Zonta International as a leading global organization seeks to empower women through service and advocacy. One way at the local level, that the Zonta Cheektowaga-Lancaster Foundation, carries out service projects is through partnering with local organizations whose mission aligns with Zonta. Grants are made available on an annual competitive basis to non-profit organizations that benefit women and young girls in the local community. During the past 19 years, Zonta Cheektowaga-Lancaster has provided over $85,000 to local organizations. An Annual Awards Nite is held in May to honor recipients of service awards and scholarships. Members of the public are welcome to attend. More information on this event will be posted on the calendar when tickets are available.

Community Service Grant Application

Community grants of up to $1,000 are made available to local organizations on an annual basis. Organizations must have a 501(c)3 designation in order to be eligible for this grant. Applicants must demonstrate that their mission aligns with Zonta and that the project proposed support women and girls in the community. Projects must have clear objectives and outcomes and indicate the number of women or young girls proposed to be served. Funds must be used to carry out proposed projects and are not available for funding administrative costs, staff salaries or pass through funds to other organizations. The annual application deadline is March 31. Applications for this grant will be available during the open application period. 

2019 Recipients of Community Service Grants

Six local organizations were awarded grants from the Zonta Cheektowaga-Lancaster Foundation which would serve women and/or young girls in the community. All activities are expected to be carried out during the 2019-2020 year. Each recipient is also responsible for reporting results and accomplishment to Zonta.

YMCA of Lancaster  

The YMCA of Lancaster is a sponsor of a summer day camp. This grant will provide 60% of the funding necessary for attendance at the YMCA’s summer day camp. A young lady of a single mother in need of financial assistance will be the ultimate recipient of this funding. During thissummer camp, the young lady will participate in the Summer Learning Loss Prevention Program which consists of 2.5 hours per day of literacy, four days a week in the morning and participate in traditional summer program activities the rest of the day. Pre and post testing will be conducted to determine progress. This program allows the young lady to learn, thrive and grow through academics, engage in recreational activities while forming new friendships. The total cost of the program is $1242. The YMCA will be receiving a grant of $750 .


Cheektowaga Youth Foundation

Cheektowaga Youth and Recreation has sponsored a summer day camp program for over 28 years for children ages 4 – 12. The program is six weeks in duration, beginning July 8 and ending August 16. While it provides a supervised, safe environment for children, it also allows an opportunity for the children to make new friends, explore, play and swim. Zonta will be providing $1000 to be used to provide financial assistance for camp to single mothers who are in financial need. It is projected that four children will benefit from this grant.


International Institute

The International Institute is the recipient of a $1,000 grant which will be dedicated to the Survivor Support Services Dept. that serves survivors of domestic violence with specialization in immigrants and refugees. This is the only program specifically focused on immigrant survivors. The Institute has established culturally competent and linguistically appropriate best practices around safety planning, criminal justice based advocacy, access to immigration legal support, interpretation and translation services, and supportive referrals to community partners. The funds will benefit seven women for the purpose of providing a safety net through the use of cell phones, purchasing cell phone minutes and bus passes to travel to support services

Family Justice Center

The Family Justice Center provides services to victims of domestic abuse. A grant in the amount of $1000 is being awarded to the Family Justice Center. Funds will be targeted to the Transportation Assistance Program which provides transportation to victims of domestic violence. The Transportation Assistance Program is one of the Family Justice Center’s most valuable tools to help women escape domestic abuse and save their children from the cycle of violence. Through this program, the Family Justice Center is able to provide victims with NFTA Metro Bus passes and parking reimbursements. This spring, the NFTA will be discontinuing tokens, and moving towards a day pass for transportation. The FJC anticipates an increase in cost to provide passes, however this is an important service to continue to provide to their clients, and to continue to expand outreach to a larger number of victims by eliminating the transportation barrier. It is expected that 1100 persons will be served. The grant provided by Zonta will assist in providing financial assistance to the overall program which is $8,700.


Summer Institute of Human Rights

The Institute conducts a one week program each summer for students entering grade 9 thru 12 which deals with human rights and global issues to create awareness and interest in social justice and create the next generation of citizens, activists and educators. This year the program will be conducted from July 22 to 26. The cost of tuition per student is $175. Approximately 30% of students are unable to afford this tuition to attend. This relates to approximately $4,375 to fund these students. Zonta is providing a grant of $1000 that will allow for the funding of tuition for six students. The effect of student learning continues well beyond the completion of this week long program.