The Zonta Foundation of Cheektowaga-Lancaster Scholarships

Women have made great strides in the pursuit of education, careers and leadership roles they were once denied.  However, women are still more likely to be pouring the coffee in global boardrooms than sitting on the boards.

To fulfill our mission of empowering women worldwide, we must focus on gender equality in education, an essential human right, critical to development for all. For women and girls, education provides the tools and resources to empower them to make decisions about their lives and the future of their families. Educated women can break the cycle of poverty; they can choose when to marry and if and when to have children; they can access quality health care to safeguard themselves and their children; they can educate their own children and ensure greater opportunities for future generations.To promote gender equality in education, the Zonta Foundation of Cheektowaga-Lancaster provides scholarships for women and girls for higher education.  We provide $1,500 scholarships for local area Senior High School girls, a $1,000 scholarship for a woman returning to education and $500 for a woman interested in the trades or an apprenticeship program.  Applications are due by March 31st every year and will be awarded in May at our annual Awards Night.

In the last 19 years, our Club has awarded over $50,000 in scholarships to local high school seniors and to women returning to education. For 2019 we have included a scholarship for women interested in the trades or an apprentice in a trade program.

For High School Senior Girls:

Senior Scholarship Application 2020 – Check back again for the new 2020 application.

For Young Women in Public Affairs:

Young Women in Public Affairs Application 2020  – Check back again for the new 2020 application.

For Women Returning to School to Pursue a Career:

Scholarship – WIT 2020  – Check back again for the new 2020 application.

For Women in Trades or Apprenticeship Program:

Scholarship – FIT 2020  – Check back again for the new 2020 application.




          Lancaster High School Seniors:
     Alyssa H. Deacon and Brynn Johnson
Woman Returning To Education:          Jeannine Ann Haak


Melanie Hornung

Sarah Winkle


Catherine Rogers

Kayla Stuber

Woman Returning To Education: Jeannine Ann Haak

  YWPA:  Sara Williams