International Service

The Zonta Cheektowaga-Lancaster Foundation carries out activities that support Zonta International or projects that promote service outside of our community and have an international impact. These activities may be through direct financial assistance to Zonta International to fund projects or through hands-on activities that support Zonta initiatives.


Funding International Projects

During the year, the Zonta Cheektowaga-Lancaster conducts fundraisers. One third of all the proceeds earned from these fundraisers is donated to Zonta International. In the past 19 years, our club has donated over $50,000 to help address critical women’s issues such as violence against women, trafficking for sexual exploitation, women’s health concerns, female genital circumcision, child marriage and so much more.  More information on these projects can be found on the Zonta International website at;

Hands-On” Service Projects

For more than a decade Zonta Cheektowaga-Lancaster has been engaged in assembling safe birth kits for women who do not have availability to safe and sanitary birth conditions. Over 120 million women give birth every year. Eighty-six percent of babies are delivered in developing countries. Sixty million of these are women who either don’t have the assistance of a traditional birth attendant or no assistance at all.  Half a million women die annually in childbirth, many from infection, tetanus and other complications. For every woman who dies in childbirth, around another 30% (15 million) incur injuries and infections, many of which are disabling, embarrassing and lifelong.

For as little as $2 a kit, a safe birth package is developed and used by NGO or other non-profits that assist in the birthing process. The kits address the “seven cleans” necessary for a safe birth, which include; plastic sheeting, gauze, soap, plastic gloves, razor blade and string or cord. While the kits themselves are critical components to safer births, they are temporary, and their usefulness is limited.  However, the NGOs preach sustainability and involve the women on the ground when they deliver the kits.  These organizations then train local women to serve as midwives for delivery of babies

Assembly of birthing kits is an annual event. Zonta Cheektowaga-Lancaster partners with other Zonta Club including Buffalo and Hamburg-Orchard Park. The Z Club which consists of high school students also participates in the annual event.


Heidi Salva, Erika Nichols, Sarah Nichols and Maria Sommerfeldt cut ribbons to tie off the newborn’s umbilical cord.


Justin Dwiklinski, Max Mages and Tyler Cloen, all students at Depew High School, cut plastic sheeting to be used for the woman in labor to lie on.


Assembling the kits


Our Club Members


All of us worked together to assemble 989 birthing kits.